climb, clean, chill at apple valley rally v.1

The vibes were megaclassic! 

1) CLIMBING: We climbed all over the Horseman Center with the Desert Climbing Coalition, who established many of the routes in one of the premier high desert climbing areas of Southern California.
2) STEWARDSHIP: We were able to fill 20+ bags of garbage and two truckloads of large items out of the Milpas bouldering area.
3) CAMPING + COOKOUT: In true Seeing Trails fashion, we had a monster cook out. We had at least 7 dutch ovens going at one point, there was also tons of grilling, salading and everything else. People's glamping set ups were in full effect!
4) Tunes: Richard Pictures, LA's most grateful Dead cover band killed us all with 2 incredible sets.

We can't wait for Vol ii !!!!